Someday, a mom’s poem.

By Jennifer Dyer

Someday I will walk without sticking to my floors.
Someday I will leave a room and return to find it the same as I left it.
Someday I will shower without little hands banging on the door.
Someday I will potty without a posse of little helpers.
Someday I will walk through a store without Cheerios stuck to my rear.

Someday I will look back and laugh.

Someday I will listen for laughter and hear silence.

Someday I will wish for another moment, another cuddle, another hug.

In light of someday, I will cherish today.

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The styrofoam fiasco.


The other day I bought some cute picture frames. They came in a box packed with styrofoam. After I put up the frames, I procrastinated getting rid of the box.

Big mistake!

Later I found it in the closet under the stairs, in teeny tiny little pieces. Instead of a few sheets of styrofoam, I had a two feet deep pile of little white, fluffy, staticky pebbles.

I walked away. For a few days. How was I going to clean it up?

I finally tackled the problem with my trusty Kirby. The little pieces sucked into the vortex of my friend, but I noticed there was a shower of foam blowing onto the other side of the closet.

Hmm. Perhaps the motor was blowing them around? I vacuumed some more… More snow showers, this time into the living room.

I finally turned the vacuum around to check out the problem. And??

That’s right, I had LEFT off the bag. Yup. I’d changed bags the other day, but left off the replacing part! Eek.

Lol! I sorta wanted to cry, but it wasn’t worth it. I had to laugh at myself. Perhaps I deserve an award for housekeeping. Hope it’s chocolate!

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10 kid-isms we could live without


This turned into to more than 10 just sitting by the pool and listening to the kids play. Lol!

12. “But I am!”
11. “I’m too tired!”
10. “That’s mine!”
9. “That’s not fair!”
8. “I was doing something.”
7. “She did it first.”
6. “It’s not my fault!”
5. “My leg hurts!”
4.”I need help!!!”
3. “I can’t!”
2. “He started it!”
1. “But, Mom…!”

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Be the Mom.

by Jennifer Dyer

Tracey Eyster’s book Be the Mom details how to overcome some of the common attitude traps moms can fall into.

She states one of “the major frustration[s] for all moms is that the same thankless, unending parade of duties must be done day after day. Even enjoyable activities wear on you when you repeat them often enough.” She goes on to say, “I was beginning to feel that motherhood was unimportant, and in filling that role, I was becoming an overlooked nobody.”

Do you ever feel that way? I do. All the time. For you Star Wars fans: “It’s a Trap!”

There are many important jobs out there, but few offer the rewards of motherhood. True, some of those rewards might not be experienced immediately and some of them will be unseen until Eternity, but that’s okay. In fact, seeing rewards in eternity will be an even greater experience than we can imagine.

From the “Just-a-Mom Trap” to the “Busy Mom Trap” and “Tomorrow Mom Trap,” Tracey gives practical advice and personal illustrations about overcoming these pitfalls that prevent us from enjoying motherhood. Her book also includes the “Me Mom Trap,” “Martyr Mom Trap,” “Busy Mom Trap,” “Mirror Mom Trap,” and the “They Say Mom Trap.”

Full of fun, true confessions, and a candid look at the real life of a mom, Tracey’s book is a great read and will nourish your MomLife soul!

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Why can’t I be … more?

Some days I feel like this pile of laundry. A tangled mess of things to do that I can’t seem to get done. Even when I look at my blog I think, “Other bloggers update all the time. What is wrong with me?”

Do you ever feel that way?

As I take a step back I understand I can’t do it all. No one can. I have to make priorities, and sometimes my season of life dictates what those priorities and accomplishments will be. Motherhood and caring for a special needs child are my current season. That means other things sometimes don’t happen. And you know what? That’s OK.

In fact, I have to end this because Rachel is needing something. I wish I could be with you all more! Maybe that will be my next season of life, yes?

What about you? Do you ever feel this way? Do you give yourself permission to NOT do it all? What do you let go?

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Eggs on my … Carpet

I am feeling so spoiled right now. I’m at a beautiful beach hotel in Florida. True, I feel quite out of place, especially in the gift shop where one dress costs more than a grocery trip, but I’m enjoying every moment.

This morning, instead of going downstairs for breakfast, I tried room service. The prices were the same and I heard that room service would be faster (the restaurant took a while yesterday, and we were late to our first meeting.)

So, the sweet lady walked in with my tray this morning and wanted to check my breakfast to make sure the order was correct. When she tried to take off the lid, food went everywhere.

She gasped. Mortification swam over her face. “I’m so sorry,” she squeaked over and over.

I had a choice. My reaction was going to make or break her day. As if I were at home, I shrugged and started cleaning up the mess. “Don’t worry. This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I only wish my dog were here. She’d love this.”

When she came back with more food, I stopped her. “Listen, you got the worst part of your day out of the way. Don’t worry about this at all. It can only go up from here.”

I wanted to tell her something more–Jesus loves us despite our mistakes and dropped trays and all the other junk in our lives, but she was already in the hall, running to her next job. So, I just gave her the greatest measure of grace I could. She knows I am here with a Christian organization, so perhaps I was able to preach without words.

I hope your day is full of grace, my friends, and let the scrambled eggs fall where they may.

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Mommy separation anxiety

My heart thumps, making a constant drum beat in my ears. My chest is tight and my stomach keeps dropping. I’m not prepared for this!
What is it? Am I taking final exams? No. About to have surgery? No.
I’m going to the beach for a writer retreat with my fellow momlifetoday moms.
I feel ridiculous. How can I be so upset about a vacation? I’m about to spend three days in Florida, away from the winter blues.
What is the matter with me?
I believe it is a classic case of mommy separation anxiety. Interesting, but I thought it was my children who were supposed to hang onto my legs and scream, not the other way around. Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep. I was so sad that eldest was at a friend’s house when I wanted to hug her. I teared up, already dreading her leaving for college–not for the first time, I might add. When hubby and Rachel dropped me off at the airport, I almost jumped back into the car.
A few minutes ago, I texted hubby. “How’s Rachel? Did she cry long after you dropped me off…sniffle?”
I think he was trying to be kind. “She’s watching Dora in the car, but I’m sure she’s thinking of you the whole time.”
Hmm. Looks like I need to take a deep breath, do some more praying, and let Dad wear the Supermom cape for a few days…
Cheers, my friends!

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