Fall decorating … mom style.

by Jennifer Dyer

Fall has arrived. BC (before I had children) I used to decorate each season. Table linens, wall hangings, floral things, and more.

As most of you can imagine, life has changed. A lot! Most of my decorations didn’t survive the early years of children and the multiple moves, but the hearty ones in the attic called to me yesterday. “Let us out!”

“No!” I said. I will not. No time, no energy. Besides, some of the Christmas decorations are still out, which makes me early for that season.

But I thought about how much it means to eldest when I make any effort to make things decorative.

I gave in.
I put out two tablecloths, one old floral garland, and one turkey. Mission accomplished. And I think it turned out rather well. The orange color of the lightsaber on the mantle really sets off the fall garland, don’t you think? And the Christmas decorations on either side of the lightsaber lend a touch of … something, right?

Laughter aside, eldest really did perk up when she got home. Who knew a few things could make such a difference?

Even Rachel got into the spirit with her orange duct tape strips. How fun is that?


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Pace Yourselves


Yes, the above picture is my kitchen. Blech!!!

When I see messes like this it’s so easy to condemn myself. “I’m a horrible housekeeper, a failure as a mom, and a slacker wife…”

And I hear so many other women say the same things. Why do we do it to ourselves?

After having a mean talk with myself, I stepped back. Yes, it looks like a group of gremlins invaded the kitchen and brought some trolls along, but I did other things that were more important.

I spent time outside with Rachel, who needed to water plants to decompress from her school day. I spent over an hour in the car picking up kids, and did the host of other mommy things that so many of us can’t name after a long day. I’m sure you’ve been there.

Even though I don’t attain perfection, or even come close to it, is that a reason to condemn myself? Nope! So, instead of freaking out I had a cup if tea.

Take that, guilt! But, seriously, gremlins, you are no longer welcome…

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New hairstyle?

by Jennifer Dyer

The other day I walked into the library and waved hello to a friend. She smiled and said, “Your hair looks great. What did you do?”

“This special treatment called blow drying.”

Busy days are just ahead. I hope you find some time for the extra special things such as blow drying and make up! Have a good Thanksgiving week!

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