Being, not doing

By Jennifer Dyer

This weekend I attended MomLife BootCamp and was blessed to hear from so many moms with hearts for Jesus and for their families.

One of the topics Tracey Eyster of Be the Mom spoke about was being, not doing.

Her talk sparked lots of discussion, and I was planning to go into more of that today.

But in light of the tragic bombing in Boston, I wanted to ask you to join me in “being” at the throne of grace today and asking God to be with the people affected by this tragedy.


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Meet the BE THE MOM mom, Tracey Eyster

by Jennifer Dyer

I recently interviewed Tracey Eyster, writer and mom, about her latest project, Be the Mom, a book of encouragement for moms of all stages.

Here are some interesting facts about Tracey:

Me: How long have you been a mom?
Tracey: 19+ years.

Me: How long have you been writing for moms?
Tracey: 5 years.

Me: Tell me about your family.

Tracey: I have two wonderful kids – both teens. My beautiful daughter is 19, and my bold and courageous son is 16. I’ve been married to my tall, dark and handsome prince charming Bill for 25 years.

Me: Tell me about your MomLife.

Tracey: Because we have moved four times since having kids, I have had ridiculous messes before and after every move…I finally resolved that messes happen. Oh well! I do like to try and keep order…or at least orderly-ish messes! Do not ever ask to see my bedroom if you come visit my home. And YES I know my bedroom is supposed to be an oasis of love – much of it is…but there’s that area over next to the rocking chair and under the red oak desk where things seem to pile and multiply! And of course my mudroom…is aptly named, though it should probably be the mudroom/there’s no place else to store this room! Relax moms…messes are a reality.

Me: Why did you start this project?

Tracey: I wrote the book for my daughter…several years ago. As I contemplated all that she would someday face as a mom I grew increasingly concerned that she was going to think being a mom was too hard. I wanted her to know that yes, it’s hard…but so worth it. God would mold her children through her and in the process He would mold her through her selfless pouring into them! I basically have a joyful attitude, I choose to most times anyway, so I wanted her to realize she needed to make that same choice regardless of her circumstances. I wanted to pass on the good, the bad and ugly of my own momlife hoping she would find hope and encouragement in my momlife stories and through the lessons God has taught me!

Me: What would you like Be The Mom to bring to others moms?

Tracey: My prayer is that moms would understand motherhood is a gift and that God knows them intimately. He has every plan for the future of their child in His hands, and He has entrusted her with her children. Motherhood is a high calling and extremely important! As she molds her children to be image bearers for God, God is conforming her to His image by her selfless serving. And THAT is great preparation for His future calling on her life!

Me: What is coming up for you?

Tracey: I have been amazingly blessed to be a guest on Focus on the Family, In the Market with Janet Parshall, and on August 23rd and 24th I will be on FamilyLife Today. Currently I have various radio stations from across the country doing radio interviews with me and that is great fun! I am receiving requests to speak at various events and will explore those opportunities, careful to keep my family my continued priority, but basically I am open to whatever God blesses in my desire to speak into the lives of moms. Of course you can always find posts from me and other great moms of every age and stage of momlife at and you can get straight to me on my personal blog – I hope you’ll stop by both and be encouraged in your own momlife!

Tracey Eyster is the Creator and Editor of MomLife Today. Tenacity and a passion for momlife has fueled her relentless pursuit of following God’s call to speak wisdom and truth into the lives of moms through writing and speaking. Tracey is the mom of two teens and her home is regularly full of their friends as she intentionally pours into their lives. She delights in doing video interviews and exploring momlife with all types of moms and even a few “famous” ones. Her first book, Be The Mom is available for preorder. Tracey has been a mom for 18 years and she and Bill have been married for 25 years.

Thanks so much – big hugs from Tracey!!!

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Be the Mom.

by Jennifer Dyer

Tracey Eyster’s book Be the Mom details how to overcome some of the common attitude traps moms can fall into.

She states one of “the major frustration[s] for all moms is that the same thankless, unending parade of duties must be done day after day. Even enjoyable activities wear on you when you repeat them often enough.” She goes on to say, “I was beginning to feel that motherhood was unimportant, and in filling that role, I was becoming an overlooked nobody.”

Do you ever feel that way? I do. All the time. For you Star Wars fans: “It’s a Trap!”

There are many important jobs out there, but few offer the rewards of motherhood. True, some of those rewards might not be experienced immediately and some of them will be unseen until Eternity, but that’s okay. In fact, seeing rewards in eternity will be an even greater experience than we can imagine.

From the “Just-a-Mom Trap” to the “Busy Mom Trap” and “Tomorrow Mom Trap,” Tracey gives practical advice and personal illustrations about overcoming these pitfalls that prevent us from enjoying motherhood. Her book also includes the “Me Mom Trap,” “Martyr Mom Trap,” “Busy Mom Trap,” “Mirror Mom Trap,” and the “They Say Mom Trap.”

Full of fun, true confessions, and a candid look at the real life of a mom, Tracey’s book is a great read and will nourish your MomLife soul!

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