Happy Independence Day and Thanks!

Happy Independence Day!
I wanted to take a moment to thank all those I know personally who have served or are serving in our United States Armed Forces. And I thank all the rest of you, too!

Steve V. Navy
Laura T. Marines
Leo Vernon Platner Navy
Prince Platner Air Force
Ernie C. Army
Kalen H. National Air Guard
Carolyn S. Marines
Jeff B.
Steven H. National Guard
Andy S. Marines
Andy’s brother. :-)
Sonny B. Marines
Mike Marines

My favorite hero K9- Sergeant Rex
And all of the rest of the people currently serving or who have ever served our country. Thanks.
I know I have left off names. Motherhood has commandeered most of my brain cells, so I apologize. I will remember as soon as I post this. The kids are fighting. Gotta run! Thanks again!

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