Special needs prom prep.

The special needs prom is around the corner, so Rachel and I are having fun getting ready. The theme this year is Superheroes! Right up my alley!

We’ve been cutting out sparkly paper, cutting out fondant and baking cupcakes! Love it! I may never get all the glitter cleaned up, so it’s a good thing I like it. 

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3 thoughts on “Special needs prom prep.

  1. Wow!! I better not show hubs these pics, or he’ll driving directly to your house instead of ours for those!!! Cupcakes AND Batman!! :) Not surprising, you’re so incredibly talented with your baking friend! I love your heart!

  2. Yum! Those look awesome and very tasty. You know, you could totally take prom on the road and come to our house, then even the pet chickens could join in! How expensive are plane tickets in March?

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