Perspective in the storms.

by Jennifer Dyer

My heart is heavy this morning.

I’ve spent a lot of time being Diva Goldilocks with a side heaping of Little Red Chicken in the last week. Everything in my house was not Just Right, and I deluded myself that I was having to do everything myself. Anger planted poisonous roots into my soul as I wallowed in thoughts about everything in my life that wasn’t Just Right.

Stress and anxiety pulled at me as Rachel’s newfound OCD behaviors went into high gear. I think she deals with her anxiety by trying to keep her environment Just Right, at least in her eyes, which this week included Chex cereal all over the carpet. The more stressed I get, the more she reacts with increased OCD and sleeplessness, which increases the cycle in all of us.

But last night a dear, sweet friend of mine lost her home and cars in a tornado. I don’t know many details, but the pictures of her neighborhood on the news show only rubble. I know her family made it, but I wonder if they had pets. And if they were able to save anything. Pictures? Clothes? Special blankies? Some people died in the tornado, too. Did she know them? Did I know them?

I just heard another family in our family ministry lost their precious father and two daughters. Other family members are hospitalized. Devastating. Heart rending.

So much loss. So much heaviness of heart.

I feel like such a spoiled brat. My heart squeezes my throat shut every time I think of her situation. My eyes burn with tears. This woman spends most of her spare time praying for others and working behind the scenes to make some big ministries stay afloat. I love spending time with her because her presence is like a drink of cold water in a desert. The other family I did not know, but they are in the throws of devastation. Another family in our ministry lost their home, too.

Now they all need prayer and help. I’m sure many hearts are melting with grief this morning as we see in daylight the devastation of a storm which none of us could control.

And I have put Diva Goldilocks and Little Red Chicken back in perspective. My home is far, far from perfect, but it’s still standing. Instead of focusing on myself and what isn’t Just Right in my life, I should focus on being thankful for what I have and on being mindful of others and their needs.

Pray for Arkansas. Pray for my sweet praying friend. Pray for the other families so deep in loss. There are many relief funds set up. If you wish to give, here is one of the places taking donations. Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas Tornado Relief Fund.

If you know of any other relief funds, leave them in the comments or FB feeds.

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5 thoughts on “Perspective in the storms.

  1. Yeah,
    This has happened to me to. I’m going along being grumpy about some teeny little thing and then boom! Life walks past and you realize what is important. Praying for your friend and thanks so much Jenn for putting your journey out there for all of us to share in.

    1. Thanks, Kristen. It’s amazing how easy it is to be caught up in the minor stuff of life when there is a much bigger picture out there. Ack. Thanks for journeying with me through it! Hugs.

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