Our too-crazy, over-the-top, not-so-good night.

by Jennifer Dyer

Rachel is on sleep strike again. She sleeps, but only for 3 or 4 hours a night. The rest of the time is fun party time… At least in her mind.

For the many-ith time in a row, Rachel wandered into our room about 3 a.m, her iPad light leading the way.

I tried my sweetest voice–if we upset her, we’re in for screaming, which does not bode well for anyone returning to sleep. “Rach-Rach, it’s not time to get up yet. Go nite-nite.”

She actually listened and returned to her room. Triumph!

For 5 minutes. In the mean time, the dog, afraid of Rachel, jumped into our bed and crawled between us. Did I mention he is a Greyhound-Lab mix. Thin, but like a slinky, the dog can expand to fill lots of space. And we don’t have a huge bed. Hubby groaned because the dog’s paws were in his eyes. I wasn’t so lucky. One good canine stretch tossed me to the floor.

Sleeping beauty.

Rachel returned. And she’s learned a new skill! Yes, she’s discovered the amazing array of sounds available to her in the iPad settings–you know the ones that have all the alarm sounds? All the alarm sounds I’ve used over the last few years to wake myself up?

Yes. Those are the ones. Fascinating.


“Rach, please be quiet.”

Rach had other things in mind. Although she’s not always intelligible when she speaks, she makes up for that in volume.

I grabbed my pillow our from under the dog and headed for the couch. Rachel didn’t like that idea, either. Since this was several days into the sleep strike, I reacted like a good zombie obeying my queen and turned back to the bed…where I had to settle in at the foot of my side, since you-know-who-four-paws was getting his beauty sleep in my warm spot. Nice.

But being a mom has taught me many things, including how to sleep in difficult circumstances, so I drifted off to a peaceful slumber where I dreamed I was in the middle of a gymnasium–complete with an Olympic-sized pool–trying to manage a gaggle of mutinous toddlers all needing time-out simultaneously.

Hubby said he dreamed he was trapped in a fraternity house.

Fun times.

All I can say is one of us was chipper this morning and ready to get on the school bus. So, thank the Lord for the school bus and why am I typing this instead of napping?



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5 thoughts on “Our too-crazy, over-the-top, not-so-good night.

  1. Moms of autistic kids are called to an incredible task – than you for courageously parenting and for including others in your life with witty posts :)

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