Busy MOMents

by Jennifer Dyer

For the mom with kids that go to school daily during the school year, summer can be a bit overwhelming. The routine of hectic afternoons during school days changes to “What are we doing next?” Or the even more preposterous, “I’m bored.” Mom’s list of priorities and things she wants to accomplish is often lost under a pile of damp swim towels.

The cure for boredom is simple. Have a handy list of chores.

But what about the other things, the constant busyness? What about mom? What about my stuff?

Here’s what I am learning. It’s OK for my goals to take a backseat. I have to keep my purpose in mind: to raise whole and healthy kids, and beyond that to grow close to them. I’m building family memories that will be precious to me long after my goals have been met. So, I grab slivers of time here and there to work on writing, to check in with social media, to cook dinner, but nothing like the uninterrupted stretch of time I can while the kids are at school. I can also get up early while they sleep to work, but I’m learning to focus on being a family, on spending time with my girls while they still desire to spend time with me.

I’m not sure about Rachel and what the future holds for her, but Eldest is growing up all too fast and will one day fly away from my nest. So, today I want to live without regrets.

Happy summer!


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3 thoughts on “Busy MOMents

  1. Yep,
    these busy crazy days are the really important parts of life! For me that means supervising my boys while they dig in the volleyball court with their plastic snakes or filling our giant horse trough so they can splash for hours and give the dog an unplanned bath. You can imagine what my laundry looks like! But like you I believe that I am doing the things that God would have me do when I am sharing a hug with a dusty boy out in the sunshine. Keep up the good work Jenn and kudos to you for recognizing those golden opportunities to serve before they zip on past.

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