Betrayal Book review and Giveaway.

by Jennifer Dyer

Three orphans sent to find new lives out west at the turn of the twentieth century. Separated against their will as children, will they find one another again now that they are grown? And will they ever find love and redemption?

Last week I received Robin Lee Hatcher‘s newest release Betrayal in the mail to review. Also included was Belonging, the first novel in this Where the Heart Lives series.

I stared at the books and wondered if they were my type of book–it didn’t look like anything was likely to explode and there probably weren’t any superpowers. But I opened the first book Belonging anyway. And I finished it that same night. I even had difficulty hiding my irritation every time someone interrupted me while trying to finish the book. I was trying to work, after all! Lol.

I loved the redemption in Hugh’s life, the fact that he had a painful past, but wasn’t steeped in anger and bitterness. He had overcome some of his pain already and by his gentle strength he helped others. Hugh, in my eyes, was a true hero. I understood where both main characters were coming from and could identify with their emotions. And I loved the dog. :-)

By the next afternoon I finished both books. I even devoured the preview of the third book Beloved. The first sentence is wonderful. I cracked up. I don’t think I can print it here, so you’ll have to read it for yourself. It is one of the best opening lines I’ve read. Can’t wait to read that one too!

Safe for the whole family, these are great reads. Felicia in Belonging and Hugh in Betrayal, the two older of the orphaned siblings, must both find peace in their circumstances and try to open their hearts to love, something they have never experienced in their lives.

To learn more, see the Where the Heart Lives series story trailer.

Definite good, fun and touching read! Robin Lee Hatcher has a new fan in me.

Zondervan, the publisher, was super generous and gave me copies of the Where the Heart Lives books to giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog or on the link on my Jennifer Dyer Facebook author page to enter to win a copy of Belonging and Betrayal. Giveaway ends midnight December 14, 2012.

What are your favorite types of books? Do you like endings sad or happy? Do you like things to blow up or have a sedate pace? Do tell!

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4 thoughts on “Betrayal Book review and Giveaway.

  1. I love to read that type of story. Especially interested in adoption stories since my brother and I are adopted, as well as our eldest. Eve Bunting wrote a children’s book about the same subject of NY sending their “extra” children out West on trains. I have a cousin that was adopted because my uncle needed help with their farm, and they had no children.

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