Trials and perspective.

Ever been through a tough time? A trial you didn’t ask for? Maybe you felt you didn’t deserve it?

A while back I went through something that tore me up inside and needed some help dealing with it. I sought the advice if a wise friend, and got a bit whiny. ” I really don’t deserve this.”

She nodded. “Yeah. Jesus didn’t deserve to die on the cross, but he did it anyway because he loves us.”

Her intent wasn’t harsh. It was to speak the truth. I heard it. The truth ministered to my soul.

How about you? What is wise advice you’ve heard at just the right time or shared with a hurting person?

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2 thoughts on “Trials and perspective.

  1. We all have trials. It is hard to figure out what to do when we feel we didn’t do anything wrong. Hang in there. Time, space, and prayer can give us an adult perspective on the situation. Pray for the person and let go of the hurt that can damage your body from the stress.

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