4 thoughts on “prescription

  1. Tartinade de roquefort et glace au fromage blanc, hum, ça met l’eau à la boeEuh!cst-ce qu’on trouve ces produits à la fromagerie?Et bravo pour le bon équilibre des infos,entre manger bien et bien manger…

  2. Sent to a friend of mine. Classic. Once you’ve read through the other 502,768 resumes that you surely received for this position, perhaps you will see something that strikes your interest in my resume. Even though this is definitively the worst job market since the Great Depression of 1929, and I have a better chance of being mauled by a Siberian tiger while scuba diving in the English Channel than being chosen for an interview for this position, maybe someone who keeps a good spirit in the most desperate times will be valuable to your organization.

  3. yes to both of my questions then we don’t need to go any further, you understand my position. If you said no, well then you aren’t a logical person and it would be pointless to try and reason with you.

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