Slaves to comparison.

by Jennifer Dyer

Do you live as a slave to comparison? This question came up during my weekly James Bible study by Beth Moore.

I confess. Yes, I do! Our leader asked when we struggle with comparison and I had to answer: “When don’t I?”

How about you?

As a female, I’ve spent far too much time evaluating myself compared to others. Do I have hair that can do that? Am I that cute? Do I look like that person on a magazine?

As a mom, it’s only grown into a wider area available to compare. Is my house that pretty? Do my children behave that well? Do I teach my children as much as she does? Do I…blah, blah, blah!

As the mother of a child with autism and apraxia, the comparison gets even more intense. That mother has done more for her child than I have. Her child at least speaks clearly. What have I done wrong? And on…

I could make myself crazy if I kept going. As I have said before … It’s a trap!

Yes, it really is a total trap, one the enemy places on almost every step. It is meant to discourage and distract us from what is important.

And what is important? Jesus came and died so that we could experience a glimpse of the amazing love the Almighty has for each of us, that amazing love which offers us freedom and grace. This same Almighty God created us with different gifts, temperaments, abilities, personalities, and circumstances. To focus on others is to ignore the unique gifts each one of us possesses.

If you struggle with the comparison trap, check out how Tracey Eyster hits on this and many other traps in her book Be the Mom.

Hugs, friends!

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One thought on “Slaves to comparison.

  1. There are so many things we could compare ourselves to, but better energy would be spent praying and focusing on our Lord. Try thinking of something specific that is positive to counteract the enemy each time he sneaks into our thoughts.

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