The styrofoam fiasco.


The other day I bought some cute picture frames. They came in a box packed with styrofoam. After I put up the frames, I procrastinated getting rid of the box.

Big mistake!

Later I found it in the closet under the stairs, in teeny tiny little pieces. Instead of a few sheets of styrofoam, I had a two feet deep pile of little white, fluffy, staticky pebbles.

I walked away. For a few days. How was I going to clean it up?

I finally tackled the problem with my trusty Kirby. The little pieces sucked into the vortex of my friend, but I noticed there was a shower of foam blowing onto the other side of the closet.

Hmm. Perhaps the motor was blowing them around? I vacuumed some more… More snow showers, this time into the living room.

I finally turned the vacuum around to check out the problem. And??

That’s right, I had LEFT off the bag. Yup. I’d changed bags the other day, but left off the replacing part! Eek.

Lol! I sorta wanted to cry, but it wasn’t worth it. I had to laugh at myself. Perhaps I deserve an award for housekeeping. Hope it’s chocolate!

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3 thoughts on “The styrofoam fiasco.

  1. So typical of overloaded brains whether young mothers or older grandmothers. Maybe you can start a new thread on your blog – how to clean up different messes.

    1. Thanks for the link! I already knew their position from their SP episode All About Mormons, but as I am a huge fan of SP I love to read behind the scenes.In their writing you could be a lot worse off… you could be Cahi#ltc&o8230;

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