Pace Yourselves


Yes, the above picture is my kitchen. Blech!!!

When I see messes like this it’s so easy to condemn myself. “I’m a horrible housekeeper, a failure as a mom, and a slacker wife…”

And I hear so many other women say the same things. Why do we do it to ourselves?

After having a mean talk with myself, I stepped back. Yes, it looks like a group of gremlins invaded the kitchen and brought some trolls along, but I did other things that were more important.

I spent time outside with Rachel, who needed to water plants to decompress from her school day. I spent over an hour in the car picking up kids, and did the host of other mommy things that so many of us can’t name after a long day. I’m sure you’ve been there.

Even though I don’t attain perfection, or even come close to it, is that a reason to condemn myself? Nope! So, instead of freaking out I had a cup if tea.

Take that, guilt! But, seriously, gremlins, you are no longer welcome…

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0 thoughts on “Pace Yourselves

  1. Great job of dealing with the discomfort of guilt. Glad you dodged that bullet. Be a Mom first. Everything else will fall into place at some point of life.

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