Be the Mom.

by Jennifer Dyer

Tracey Eyster’s book Be the Mom details how to overcome some of the common attitude traps moms can fall into.

She states one of “the major frustration[s] for all moms is that the same thankless, unending parade of duties must be done day after day. Even enjoyable activities wear on you when you repeat them often enough.” She goes on to say, “I was beginning to feel that motherhood was unimportant, and in filling that role, I was becoming an overlooked nobody.”

Do you ever feel that way? I do. All the time. For you Star Wars fans: “It’s a Trap!”

There are many important jobs out there, but few offer the rewards of motherhood. True, some of those rewards might not be experienced immediately and some of them will be unseen until Eternity, but that’s okay. In fact, seeing rewards in eternity will be an even greater experience than we can imagine.

From the “Just-a-Mom Trap” to the “Busy Mom Trap” and “Tomorrow Mom Trap,” Tracey gives practical advice and personal illustrations about overcoming these pitfalls that prevent us from enjoying motherhood. Her book also includes the “Me Mom Trap,” “Martyr Mom Trap,” “Busy Mom Trap,” “Mirror Mom Trap,” and the “They Say Mom Trap.”

Full of fun, true confessions, and a candid look at the real life of a mom, Tracey’s book is a great read and will nourish your MomLife soul!

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