Knots of love and autism


Rachel likes her hair long. That means lots of tangles. This summer we have struggled with a knot at the back of her head growing and consuming hair by hair. It has grown until the knot would outdo any boy scout in a knotting competition.

Lately, I’ve noticed more stares. People are starting to point it out to me. And every time we make progress, she tangles it back up.

Two nights ago I stayed up past one a.m. Just so I could sneak in and cut part of the knot off without freaking her out. Do you thin the knot budged?

No! It laughed and my scissors and nearly broke the blades.

Not to be outdone by some hair, hubby and I team-tackled it this morning. It took us both to hold her down while I tried to cut part of out. My scissors bent. They twisted. They slipped. The knot slapped me in the face, but I finally got a small chunk of it out.

And that was it. We brushed and brushed, but the knot is still winning!


So, to all you moms out there facing knots and other things you can’t fix, hang in there. I’m pretty sure in Heaven we will all have “Don’t hate me because I’m so beautiful” kind of hair. Lol. I’m looking forward to being with Jesus and watching Him take care of the knots!

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