Resting in my imperfections.

by Jennifer Dyer

On my way out the door, I gave myself a final perusal in the mirror. I smiled at the reflection. “You look pretty good. I’m surprised people don’t think you and eldest (who is only nine) are sisters…” Seeing my wedding ring on the counter, I walked back to get it an took another mirror glance, this time from up close.

Hmm. I aged ten years, just from walking to the mirror. Little laugh lines spread around my eyes. Age spots taunted me from my cheeks. And my lack of talent with an eye liner? Quite apparent. I stuck my tongue out at the reflection. “I liked you better from back there.”

As my eyes found more imperfections to criticize, I had a thought. I’m spending all this time thinking about the outside, but what about my heart? Not the blood pumping vessel, although that is important, too. I mean the seat of my emotions–the essence of what makes me…me.

Sadly, my heart is far from perfect, too. Yes, from a distance, things seem pretty good. I smile, I try to help people, and I even managed to vacuum once this month. But up close, there is always a hint (or loud scream)¬†of selfish. I think mean thoughts about others and get irritated that life isn’t about me. I don’t always enjoy the demands of raising a special needs child. Even when I help my daughter with her homework, I sometimes get irritated because she isn’t doing it my way. And no matter how many jokes I make about it, I really don’t like scrubbing carpet….

Just like my exterior, there are things I can do to fix up the situation. I can add more makeup to my face the same as I can add more smiles and charitable works to my heart. But the age spots and naughty spots are still there, even if they can’t be seen by the naked eye.

This is why I am so thankful to serve such an amazing God. Jesus came and died to take care of those imperfections. Even when my naughty heart spots show, I know he took care of them once and for all. And for that, I will never stop being thankful.

I hope you have a thankful day, my beloved friends!

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