New church for Rachel

Today we attempted church for the second week in a row.

I suppose I should back up a bit and mention that we just moved to a new city a few weeks ago. There have been lots of adjustments, one of which was finding a new church.

Our first week wasn’t too bad, but it was scary. The last church we attended had a special needs classroom, so it was a bit easier to attend. Yet, the church was so enormous we had a difficult time feeling…involved. I know part of that is up to the attendee, but with the distance to the church, Rachel’s autism, and a host of other factors, we did not participate in activities that would help us interact with others.

Back to the new place… Even though Rachel is seven we decided to put her in the 3-year-old class. The structure, lesson level, and toys seemed more appropriate for her.

The first day I checked with the supervisor and class teacher to see if I could stay with Rachel to help her get settled. Being in a new place always Amos up get already high anxiety. I also made an appointment to talk to the children’s supervisor about Rachel during the week to work out a plan. (Sunday morning didn’t seem the best time to work that out…)

So, the first week went well. Rachel seemed to like it, and, as long as I stayed with her, she seemed inclined to follow the class schedule.

The children’s supervisor and I met and came up with a few plans. We will see how they go…

More later!

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