Moving and my war with control.

Ever tried to sell your hone while living in it? With children? If so, then that little 3-word phrase “on the market” may cause you to shudder. It does me…

So, this morning was just another typical day. Ha. Ha. As I rushed around scrubbing surfaces and sending Robbie the Roomba on errands, I kept thinking, “If I just get this done, then we can go to that get together.”

Except one thing led to another. I stepped into my bathroom to FINALLY brush my hair and…my old nemeses were back. The ants! I’ve told them I just want to be friends, but they’re not getting the hint. They won’t go away and let me sell my house in peace.

While I battled the ants, Rachel wandered into the bathroom behind me. She babbled her normal sounds and played in the closet, but I didn’t pay much attention. Meanwhile eldest was having a fit because her hair feathers were sticking up. Grr.

I finished the clean up, along with feather control, then turned to see…Rachel playing with her new sticker collection. You know the kind–the ones labeled Always.

Meanwhile the phone rang. My friend was waiting to say farewell to me, but I was going to miss her because of the ants and mess. Tears pressed behind my eyes. I couldn’t keep up with everything!

I chased after Rachel to confiscate the “stickers,” and found she had also been crumbling cheese on her sister’s bed. Ack!

We managed to stumble out the door, but I never did find those “stickers…” Hopefully that will not be the first thing someone viewing the house sees.

My day went on in similar fashion until Rachel’s dentist appointment. We made it to Children’s Hospital early and had time to ride up and down the glass elevators. Rachel laughed and hugged me. I had it under control. Finally, something was going right.

All was well until she sat on the chair. Rachel lolled over to the side and revealed she had left an essential part of her wardrobe in the car. The part that covers her hiney. And we had ridden in a GLASS elevator.

“Oh my,” said the lady helping us. Oh my, indeed.

I sat back and laughed. Control is such an illusion. Even when I think I have it together I don’t. I might as well accept that and learn to laugh more, ants and all.

Of course, acceptance doesn’t mean I won’t put down the ant baits I just bought. That war is still on, my friends!

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