Parenting: being mom means being an example.

by Jennifer Dyer

The other day eldest had a friend over. Typical of growing children, their first order of business was to search the kitchen for snacks. My daughter wanted to have some of the cupcakes we had just made, but her friend’s family was currently undergoing a sugar detox in their household, so sweets were out.

I told eldest no throughout her entire cupcake campaign. When I had a chance, I pulled her aside and told her that we needed to support our friends. One way she could be a supportive friend in this situation was to eat what her friend could eat, which meant no sugar. Though she wore a dejected frown to tell me how unhappy this made her, she went along with it. They settled on cheese sticks and went upstairs.

Meanwhile, though, I sat downstairs and thought about…cupcakes. They were quite delicious, I must say, and hearing about them so many times had left me with a craving for one. I wrestled with myself for a while. The more I thought about those cupcakes the more I wanted one. As the mom, I could sneak out to the garage and eat one without anyone knowing. It was a good plan, yet…

Before I gave in I had a thought. What if during the moments I shoved cupcake into my mouth, my daughter and her friend found me in the garage snarfing the sweets I had just refused them. Hmm. That wouldn’t be such a good scene. So, I refrained and instead enjoyed the sweet success of being a good example.

Sadly–and this part is hard to admit–as soon as the friend left I gave in to my sweet tooth. And, true to form, I became ill from the sugar rush. Perhaps I should be going along with that sugar detox. Hmm… Well, at least I was a good example when it counted, yes?

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