Tooth Fairy–why is mine different from hers?

So last night my eldest finally lost her front tooth, which has been hanging crooked for the last month. In her excited state, she declared she needed to write a note.

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

Do you know my friend Laine’s Tooth Fairy? She gives Laine $10 a tooth. I’m just wondering…”

The Tooth Fairy’s reply:

“Dearest Child,

All Tooth Fairies are different. That’s what makes us special. Maybe Laine’s grandpa slipped that Fairy a $20…”

My daughter’s reply:

“Well, can Grandpa call my Tooth Fairy?”

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6 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy–why is mine different from hers?

  1. Oh that is so sweet! Mine didn’t want to give his tooth up so he wrote a note telling the tooth fairy that he would keep his tooth but would she still please leave something?

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